Our A-Fib Support Volunteers: Just an Email Away

A few of our many A-Fib.com Support Volunteers

A few of our many A-Fib.com Support Volunteers

Your first experiences with A-Fib has changed your life in a number of ways. In addition to the emotional impact you may have had after being diagnosed, you now have important decisions to make about your treatment and about how you may need to adjust to life with your A-Fib symptoms and new medications.

It helps to have someone who has “been there” and is there for you now.

Our A-Fib Support Volunteers

Having someone you can turn to for advice, emotional support, and a sense of hope that you can be cured, may bring you peace of mind. (Click on title to jump to that list.)

List of U.S. Volunteers
List of Worldwide Volunteers

Our A-Fib Positive Thoughts/Prayer Group

At A-Fib.com we believe—in healing through hope, belief, prayer—and in the power of positive thoughts. Learn more at The Healing Power of Hope, Belief and Expectations.

Got A-Fib - Revised Oct 6 2015 550 deep pix wide at 96 resBlessed by our World-Wide Volunteers

We are blessed to have many generous people who have volunteered to help others get through their A-Fib ordeal.

Most A-Fib Support Volunteers are not medical personnel. They can’t be expected to have every medical A-Fib fact at their fingertips. They are not paid. They come from widely different backgrounds. But you can be sure they care about you and understand what you are going through.

These volunteers have gone through a lot while seeking their A-Fib cure. They have been helped along the way and want to return the favor. They offer you support and hope through exchanging emails and sharing their stories. (Not all Support Volunteers are ‘cured’ of their A-Fib, but have found the best outcome for their situation.) Some have special skills which are listed in parentheses.

For more information about our A-Fib Support Volunteers and how to volunteer, see my article: ‘Want to become a A-Fib Support Volunteer?’

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DISCLAIMER: A-Fib.com Support Volunteers are not medical doctors and are not affiliated with any medical school or organization. Any communication with A-Fib.com Support Volunteers is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health professional prior to starting any new treatment or with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Nothing communicated by A-Fib.com Support Volunteers is intended to be for medical diagnosis or treatment. Their opinions are their own.

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