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A successful ablation... reduces cardiac mortality by 60%!

A successful ablation… reduces cardiac mortality by 60%!

By Steve S. Ryan, PhD, September 2014

Medical breakthrough news! In a 10-year study that followed over 3,000 A-Fib patients who had a successful catheter ablation, researchers found a 60% reduction in the expected rate of cardiovascular mortality. This reduction of the risk of death from stroke and other cardiovascular events is phenomenal news!

Those of us who’ve had a catheter ablation (PVI) know how wonderful it is to have a heart that beats normally again. No other medical procedure produces such a dramatic and nearly immediate improvement in one’s quality of life. That a PVI also reduces the risk of death from stroke and other cardiovascular events is just ‘icing on the cake’. Dr Hamid Ghanbari, University of Michigan, author of the study says, “If successful, ablation improves life span.”

This research finding holds true not just for otherwise healthy A-Fib patients (i.e., Lone A-Fib), but also for A-Fib patients at higher health risk: older patients, those with diabetes, sleep apnea, low ejection fraction, and prior stroke and heart attack.

While successful ablation patients have the same mortality rate from ‘all causes’ (as those without A-Fib), being A-Fib free and back in sinus rhythm reduces cardiac mortality by 60%! This is great news for potential catheter ablation patients.

…a successful ablation… reduces cardiac mortality by 60%!

Editor’s Comments:
For anyone who has had a successful catheter ablation or who is thinking of having one, this study is a game changer!
We already know that a catheter ablation significantly improves quality of life. We certainly feel healthier in sinus rhythm. This study confirms the long-term benefits of catheter ablation even for people who are older and sicker.
We don’t have to live a life on meds! A-Fib can be cured by a catheter ablation. And when you are made A-Fib free, not only do you feel better, but you live longer! This is terrific news for the A-Fib community.

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