Can I Prevent Familial A-Fib with Diet? Supplements?

I’ve posted a new Frequently Asked Question and Answer about A-Fib that runs in families:

“Both my uncles and my Dad have Atrial Fibrillation. I’m 50 years old and so far I don’t have A-Fib (yet), but I’m worried. How can I avoid developing A-Fib? Can dietary changes help? Or lifestyle changes?”

A-Fib does run in families and is called Familial A-Fib. Research says you have a 40% increased risk of developing A-Fib yourself. And the younger your uncles and dad were when they got A-Fib, the more likely you are to develop A-Fib. So, you are correct to be concerned about getting A-Fib.

My answer covers:

• What can someone with A-Fib in the family do to avoid getting A-Fib?
• Is there a diet to prevent A-Fib? The Mediterranean diet? A whole-food organic diet?
• What are the causes of A-Fib that can be controlled?
• Do mineral deficiencies cause A-FIb?
• What are the vitamins and supplements known to improve your overall heart health?  (I take these myself to help stay A-Fib free after my 1998 catheter ablation which isolated only one of my pulmonary vein, common at the time.)

Read my full answer at FAQs: Can I Prevent Familial A-Fib with Diet? Supplements?

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