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Maze heart You are not alone - with outline 175 pix at 96 res13. “Should I carry a wallet card or a medical ID? I have A-Fib and take Coumadin. In case of an A-Fib emergency, what information should I include?”

According to a paramedic with 25 years experience, knowing about your A-Fib and Coumadin (warfarin) use is “nice-to-know” rather than life-saving, necessary info. Emergency responders don’t normally carry meds to treat A-Fib or blood thinners.

In case of an accident when one is bleeding, techniques to stop the bleeding such as compresses, tourniquets, etc. will be used whether or not one is taking Coumadin.

USB credit card-size by ER Card 100 pix tall

Credit card-size USB by ER Card 100 pix tall

It’s generally a good idea to carry some form of medical ID case of an emergency, whether or not one has A-Fib. For example, a medical ID bracelet or ‘dog tags’ is often noticed by emergency personnel.

What information should you carry with you? For a list of the data to include, see our article, Your Portable Medical Information Kit. We also give you various ways to store and carry your information (i.e., a credit card-size USB flash drive and QR code-based helmet sticker). Includes a link to generate a FREE medical emergency information wallet card.

Thanks to Darrel Seife for this question.

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