FAQs Newly Diagnosed with A-Fib: Cause

 FAQs Newly Diagnosed: Causes

2. “Did I cause my Atrial Fibrillation? Am I responsible for getting A-Fib?”

Most likely not.

We all remember our first attack of A-Fib—the shock, fear, confusion, the sense of something wrong in our body that we can’t control and the rushing to a doctor and/or emergency room.

Often there’s a tendency to blame ourselves, to feel guilt. We ask ourselves “What did I do—or not do—that caused my A-Fib?”

In general we are not responsible and didn’t cause our A-Fib. It’s different from a life-style related condition (like liver failure due to alcohol abuse).

Those newly diagnosed need to think of A-Fib as fate or karma or a life accident—rather than something we bring on ourselves. In life sometimes bad things happen to good people through no fault of their own. Think of A-Fib that way.

We need to keep saying to ourselves, “I am not responsible for my A-Fib. I did not cause my A-Fib,” like a chant or mantra whenever we start feeling guilt or blame for our A-Fib.

Last updated: Tuesday, July 14, 2015

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