FAQs Newly Diagnosed with A-Fib: Spontaneous Remission

 FAQs Newly Diagnosed: Remission

Maze heart You are not alone - with outline 175 pix at 96 res3. “Could my A-Fib go away on its own? I don’t want to take any medication. Can I just wait and see?”

On occasion A-Fib does go away on its own. In a process called “spontaneous remission” the body adjusts to whatever caused the A-Fib and starts beating normally without any treatment at all.

But don’t count on this happening.

You still need to be under a doctor’s care and monitoring. The biggest risk of not treating Atrial Fibrillation is increased risk of clots and stroke. If you are young and otherwise in good health, for now, you may not need any medication.

Last updated: Tuesday, July 14, 2015

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