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A-Fib Patient Story #7

Magnesium Success Stories 

Several readers have written me with their experience with Magnesium and how it helped their A-Fib. I’ve summarized their comments. Steve S Ryan.

Daniel uses Magnesium Taurate (Magnesium combined with Taurine) and L-Arginine to eliminate his A-Fib. “A-Fib sufferers should try this simple solution first (before ablation). These supplements are available at any health food store and have little risk.”

Floyd recommends applying liquid magnesium to the chest for temporary relief from A-Fib.

Ian from Australia writes that he drinks a lot of water and eats two bananas [source of Magnesium] which reduces the duration of his A-Fib attacks. He has Vagal A-Fib and gets most of his A-Fib attacks when sleeping.

“I found the most reliable way to stop an attack was to have 2 bananas and a few glasses of water (say over an hour) and then go back to sleep.  Many of my attacks (but not all) ended at the point where you lose consciousness in drifting off to sleep.  Whatever the reflex was that made you lose consciousness also terminated the episode.”

One person e-mailed me that he takes 3 grams of magnesium oxide in divided doses per day which seems to stop his A-Fib attacks cold, though this may cause diarrhea.

James writes that a side effect of taking too much magnesium is loose stools, because the body doesn’t assimilate magnesium well in concentrated form. He recommends the use of Magnesium Oil which is applied to the skin—Ancient Minerals Ultra Pure Magnesium is sourced 2000 meters under the water and is odorless.

Ditlef writes that taking 500 mg of Magnesium mornings and evenings has stopped his and his friend’s A-Fib. Email: olsen (at)

Bruce writes that he converts himself by drinking either a quart of Gator-Aide, or 8 oz. of No-Salt V8 which he combined with 600 mg of magnesium (No-Salt V8 has 800 mg of potassium). He then takes 5 mg of Valium and goes to bed. 60% of the time he wakes up in sinus rhythm. Lying on the right side also helps.

Lastly, another person writes that he takes 3 grams of Magnesium Chelate and his A-Fib has stopped completely.

He writes: “I had A-Fib and Mitral Valve Prolapse. My life has been hell, and I often considered suicide. Arrhythmia is something that destroys your life and induces fear and anxiety. I have tried beta blockers, cardiac specific and non-specific, but they didn’t help me for long. In fact, they eventually made my condition worse.

I eventually put myself on 3 grams of Magnesium, 1 gram in the morning, 1 during the day, and 1 at night. My A-Fib has stopped completely.

I have concluded that I did not have A-Fib but was suffering from a Magnesium deficiency. I suffered from complete magnesium depletion for a very long period. I think this was because I suffered from panic and anxiety most of my life—this depletes your Magnesium.

I’m not here to tell people Magnesium will cure their A-Fib. I am just here to say that I have been cured by Magnesium.
And the final and most important note is that the Magnesium has to be in chelated form. Not isolated Magnesium!!! It has to be bound to amino acids. Magnesium Chloride is useless!!! Only Magnesium Chelate worked for me.

I hope this helps someone. Magnesium has literally stopped me from ending my own life.”

Editor’s comment: Thanks to all who have shared their experience with Magnesium.

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