Patients’ Best Advice #10: Become Your Own Best Patient Advocate


Become Your Own Best Patient Advocate.


From Beat Your A-Fib: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Cure, Chapter 12: Your Journey to a Cure, and personal stories from Advice from patients now free from the burden of Atrial Fibrillation:

Joan Schneider at

Joan S.,

Joan Schneider, Ann Arbor, MI, tells of her astonishment how little her doctors told her about A-Fib:

“I was so desperate for answers I started searching on-line. My jaw hit the table. [She said to herself…] ‘How could my physicians not explain these things to me?’ Once I was able to really comprehend my future, I was able to make things happen.
Best advice: Don’t be afraid to fire your physician, and be your own advocate.” (pp. 119-124)
Michele Straube

Michele S.

Michele Straub, Salt Lake City, Utah, encourages you to be more active in your own treatment plan:

“Do not take ‘this is as good as it gets’ as an answer—do your own research about what’s possible. Take a co-leadership role with your doctor.” (pp. 88-90)

John Thorton from Sioux Falls, SD, wrote about his PVCs and ignoring the bad advice from his doctors:

John and Marcia Thornton

John & Marcia T.

“The local MDs (about a half dozen different ones), cardiologists, EPs, and other local specialists, all told me stuff like: “Everyone has PVCs” and “PVCs are benign,” and “It is just anxiety,” and “You just need to learn to live with it”. Which was completely WRONG.
Be Assertive, Even Aggressive: I had to set up my own appointment at Mayo Clinic to get evaluated there. It was a lot of work, by me alone, to get in to see the doctors at Mayo, but it was worth it.
I honestly believe that had I not gone to Mayo I would have suffered some major heart event, or possibly death.”

Our A-Fib Support Volunteers: Just an Email Away supporters

To become your own best patient advocate, it helps to have someone who has ‘been there’ and is there for you now—someone you can turn to for advice, emotional support, and a sense of hope that you can be cured. Someone who can share their own story or just ‘listen’ to yours.

Our A-Fib Support Volunteers are just an email message away. Note: Not all Support Volunteers are ‘cured’ of their A-Fib, but have found the best outcome for their situation.

Our volunteers are listed by U.S. state and worldwide by geographical region. Learn more at: Our A-Fib Support Volunteers

Make Things Happen:
Become Your Own Best Patient Advocate!

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‘The Top 10 List of A-Fib Patients’ Best Advice’ is a a consensus of valuable advice from fellow patients who are now free from the burden of Atrial Fibrillation. From Chapter 12, Beat Your A-Fib: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Cure by Steve S. Ryan, PhD (

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Top 10 List of A-Fib Patients’ Best Advice
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