Readers’ Poll: What is your most debilitating A-Fib symptom?’

In the September 2014 issue of Steve’s A-Fib Alerts, we posed the question, What is your most debilitating A-Fib symptom? Here are the responses we received:

•  The mental stress when in A-Fib
•  Fainting
•  The panic/anxiety that ensues… Not getting enough restorative sleep because of this, totally shuts me down afterwards.
•  Weakness
•  Out of breath during even moderate exercise.
•  Extreme fatigue
•  Feels like you’re going to die
•  PACs every third beat all night, every night. It’s very hard to sleep.
•  I hate the feeling when my heart is jumping around and beating fast….it makes me jittery, light headed, tired and scared. I find that I pace when this happens, I can’t sit still because I feel it more.
•  exhaustion.
•  Shortness of breath on exertion, especially in hot, humid environment unfortunately prevents me from keeping up with others.
•  Feeling faint and fear of falling.

[su_note note_color=”#bedada” radius=”15″]Thanks to all who responded and shared their A-Fib experiences with us.[/su_note]

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