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Persistent A-Fib and Long-standing Persistent A-Fib are often difficult to cure. If you are highly symptomatic, you may need a highly skilled, experienced specialist. This list is a starting point for you.


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The French Bordeaux Group Bordeaux, France Step wise ablation technique with 95% success rate in curing Chronic A-Fib after two ablations.
Dr. Robert A. Schweikert Akron, OH  —
Dr. Fred Morady Ann Arbor, MI Developed Ablation Frontier’s Multi Electrode catheters for Chronic A-Fib still in clinical trials (11/20/09)
Dr. Patrick M. Hranitzky Durham, NC Uses stepwise approach.
Dr. Kevin J. Makati Tampa, FL  —
Dr. Andrea Natale
Dr. J. David Burkhardt
Austin, TX  —
Dr. Andrea Natale
Dr. Steven C. Hao
Dr. Rick Hongo
San Francisco, CA  —
Dr. James Ong Tarzana, CA  —
Dr. Carlo Pappone Cotignola, Italy Uses step wise technique, though different than Bordeaux group.
Dr. Sidney Peykar Sarasota, Florida Uses Bordeaux step wise technique and trained in Bordeaux.
Dr. Robert Eckart Sarasota, Florida
Dr. Vivek Reddy New York, NY Uses step wise technique, though different than Bordeaux group.
Dr. Darryl S. Wells Seattle, WA Does CryoBalloon ablation.
Dr. William H. Sauer
Dr. Ryan G. Aleong
Aurora, CO Modified step-wise approach.
Dr. J. Marcus Wharton Charleston, SC  —
Dr. Wilber Su Phoenix, AZ  —
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