In Your 80s? Are You Doomed to Live In A-Fib?

A-Fib is age related. In particular, more people in their 80s are developing A-Fib.

Yet many A-Fib centers have a policy of not performing a catheter ablation on anyone 80 years old or older. But these are often the patients who need a PVI the most. Up to 25% of strokes occurring in octogenarians can be attributed to A-Fib. [pullquote]It seems arbitrarily cruel to force someone to “live in A-Fib” just because they are older.[/pullquote]

It seems arbitrarily cruel to force someone to “live in A-Fib” just because they are older. Isn’t this age discrimination? Why exclude octogenarians from a potentially curative treatment like catheter ablation (PVI)?

Study of Octogenarians Who Had a Catheter Ablation (PVI)

Dr. Pasquale Santangeli and his colleagues at the Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute in Austin, TX examined data from 103 octogenarians who had an RF catheter ablation between 2008 and 2011. They compared this older group to younger patients who underwent the same procedure.

• There was no difference in the rate of success between the octogenarians and the younger group (69% vs. 71%).

• The rate of procedure-related complications was also not significantly different between the two groups, even when looking at different types of A-Fib such as paroxysmal and non-paroxysmal A-Fib.

• Octogenarians with paroxysmal A-Fib had more non-pulmonary vein trigger sites, and consequently required longer procedural time to effectively isolate such non-pulmonary vein areas. (Dr. Santangeli suggested a hypothesis that the underlying pathology of A-Fib in older patients might be different from younger patients.)

What Patients Need To Know

If you’re in your 80s, you’re not automatically doomed to a life in A-Fib and on A-Fib drugs. Dr. Santangeli’s work is very hopeful and encouraging. …Continue reading…

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