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New FAQ: Is Having an ablation Better Than Living in Paroxysmal A-Fib?

“In one of your articles it said that having an ablation was better than living in A-Fib. I’ve been taking 75 mg of propafenone 3X/day for seven years and have only had 5 A-Fib attacks in 7 years. If your article means Paroxysmal too, then I will consider an ablation.”

Five A-Fib attacks in seven years is very few. With paroxysmal A-Fib like yours, most doctors would say to continue on propafenone till you start having more or longer A-Fib attacks. (As a point of reference, about 54% of those in paroxysmal A-Fib will go into permanent A-Fib within one year. You’ve made it 7 years!) You aren’t really “living in A-Fib.” The antiarrhythmic drug you’re taking is fairly successful in keeping you out of A-Fib.

A-Fib is a progressive disease that tends to get worse over time. So, consider this. By the time propafenone loses its effectiveness (which is probably inevitable), how permanently damaged will your heart be? How much will your A-Fib have progressed? Will your A-Fib be harder to cure than if you had had a catheter ablation earlier? …. Read the two steps Steve recommends to this reader->


We Answer Loads of Your Questions about Catheter Ablations

Catheter inserted into the heart and through septum wall into Left Atria

Catheter inserted into the heart and through septum wall into Left Atria

At, we have answered thousands of patient questions—perhaps the same questions you have right now.

In FAQs about Living with A-Fib, we discuss Catheter Ablation, Pulmonary Vein Isolation/Ablation and CryoBalloon Ablation. We provide answers to the most frequently asked questions by patients and their families.

Some of the questions we answer: Are there different types of Pulmonary Vein Ablation?, I’m 82 years old, am I too old to have a successful Pulmonary Vein Ablation?, Will an ablation take care of both A-Fib and Flutter? and During an ablation, how much danger is there of developing a clot?

We also answer questions about Chronic A-Fib, exercising after a PVA, length of catheter procedure and RF energy vs. Cryo freezing.

We invite you to browse through the lists of questions. Then, just ‘click’ to read the answer. Go to -> FAQs about Catheter Ablation, Pulmonary Vein Isolation/Ablation, CyroBalloon Ablation


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