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Stubborn A-Fib Returns Again and From Unusual Areas

We first posted Marilyn Shook’s personal A-Fib story, “Pill-In-the-Pocket” for Five Years, then Catheter Ablation for a Cure (#25) in 2008. She then sent us updates in 2014, 2015 and now her latest update after a third ablation in late April 2016. Marilyn’s A-Fib appears to find new and unusual places to originate from.

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Marilyn S.

In her lasted installment, Marilyn writes:

“It’s been a few weeks since my third PVA [Pulmonary Vein Ablation] and I am doing  well.

Just to jolt your memory―I had my first PVA in 2007 and did well for 7 years. But my A-Fib returned in 2014 and was documented by a tiny Medtronic Reveal LINQ cardiac monitor implant. A second PVA followed in October of 2014.

I was A-Fib free until February 2016 when A-Fib/Flutter returned. I opted for my third PVA, which was performed in April 2016 by Dr. David Haines at Beaumont Hospital.[pullquote]Marilyn Shook is also an A-Fib Support Volunteer who lives near Detroit, MI.[/pullquote]

My Third Ablation and Post-Ablation Complication

Under general anesthesia, my PVA was extensive work but completed in about 4 hours. I was in sinus rhythm before and after the procedure. After my ablation, I was awake, alert and responsive and then suddenly became unresponsive, with thready pulse, blood pressure plummeted.

I was having a post PVA complication―a cardiac tamponade―an emergency situation!…”

Continue reading about Marilyn’s third ablation and her medical emergency->.

Marilyn Shook Updates Her 2008 Personal A-Fib Story

Support Volunteer Marilyn Shook

Support Volunteer Marilyn Shook

We published Marilyn Shook’s A-Fib personal story in 2008 (story #25). She emailed me an update in August 2014. In July 2015, I added the following to her A-Fib personal story:

Marilyn was A-Fib free for 7 years after her pulmonary vein ablation in late 2007. In the last few years, she occasionally felt a weird irregular heartbeat that never showed up in the doctor’s office or with short duration monitors.
In August 2014, she had a Medtronic Reveal LINQ ICM (Insertable Cardiac Monitor) installed to identify these arrhythmias. The Reveal monitor did document 2 or 3 episodes of A-Fib. She opted to have a repeat PVA.
In July 2015 she emailed me an update. “It’s been 9 months since my repeat PVA, and there is no evidence of A-Fib. I have not felt that arrhythmia, and my implanted cardiac monitor has been negative for A-Fib.
I no longer take Xarelto or any cardiac medications. I do take a daily 325 mg Aspirin. I am optimistic that the repeat PVA will be effective, and I will continue to be A-Fib free.”

We are most grateful to Marilyn for sharing with us how effective the Reveal monitor was in identifying very intermittent irregular heartbeats that probably never would have been documented otherwise.

Not everyone would have been as aggressive as Marilyn. But she knew how relatively safe a second PVI would be, and she had confidence in her EP, Dr. David Haines, at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Her personal A-Fib story is #25.

Our A-Fib Support Volunteers: Just an Email Away

Marilyn Shook is one of our many A-Fib Support Volunteers. You can find her contact information on our A-Fib Support Volunteers page. We are blessed to have many generous people who have volunteered to help others get through their A-Fib ordeal. Check our Support Volunteers page to learn more about how to contact any of our 50 volunteers.

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