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" is a great web site for patients, that is unequaled by anything else out there."

Dr. Douglas L. Packer, MD, FHRS, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

"Jill and I put you and your work in our prayers every night. What you do to help people through this [A-Fib] process is really incredible."

Jill and Steve Douglas, East Troy, WI 

“I really appreciate all the information on your website as it allows me to be a better informed patient and to know what questions to ask my EP. 

Faye Spencer, Boise, ID, April 2017

“I think your site has helped a lot of patients.”

Dr. Hugh G. Calkins, MD  Johns Hopkins,
Baltimore, MD

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"If I had [your book] 10 years ago, it would have saved me 8 years of hell.”

Roy Salmon, Patient, A-Fib Free,
Adelaide, Australia

"This book is incredibly complete and easy-to-understand for anybody. I certainly recommend it for patients who want to know more about atrial fibrillation than what they will learn from doctors...."

Pierre Jaïs, M.D. Professor of Cardiology, Haut-Lévêque Hospital, Bordeaux, France

"Dear Steve, I saw a patient this morning with your book [in hand] and highlights throughout. She loves it and finds it very useful to help her in dealing with atrial fibrillation."

Dr. Wilber Su,
Cavanaugh Heart Center, 
Phoenix, AZ

"...masterful. You managed to combine an encyclopedic compilation of information with the simplicity of presentation that enhances the delivery of the information to the reader. This is not an easy thing to do, but you have been very, very successful at it."

Ira David Levin, heart patient, 
Rome, Italy

"Within the pages of Beat Your A-Fib, Dr. Steve Ryan, PhD, provides a comprehensive guide for persons seeking to find a cure for their Atrial Fibrillation."

Walter Kerwin, MD, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

A-Fib News & What’s New to This Website

Visit often to read my take on milestone events and important findings in the Atrial Fibrillation field. Longer articles may be introduced here with a link to the full-length article on its own page. Readers Poll: At what age were you diagnosed with A-Fib?

DECEMBER 16, 2014
A-FIB.COM READERS POLL: We launch our Readers Poll

Did you notice our new poll in the right sidebar? It’s a new way for readers to share their opinions and contribute to data that will help us better serve your needs here at We hope you participate and enjoy reading the results each time you vote. Do you have an idea or suggestion for a polling question? Email us.

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DECEMBER 13, 2014
NEW PATIENT A-FIB STORY: Lessons Learned from
MD who Develops A-Fib After Subdural Brain Hemorrhage & Heart Block

Dr. Sam is a 74-year-old retired physician (not a cardiologist). His story of heart disease begins in 1997 with a subdural brain hemorrhage and heart block. In 2012, he had a triple whammy: a pacemaker implanted, paroxysmal A-Fib and a series of mini-strokes. Free of A-Fib for over a year now, read how he overcame Acute Pericarditis, Multaq side effects and conflicting advice from his cardiologist and Neurosurgeon.

Read Dr. Sam’s story and his list of lessons learned->

Ken Close, A-Fib Support Volunteer

Ken Close, A-Fib Support Volunteer

DECEMBER 13, 2014
EDITORIAL: Bias in Coverage of Mini-Maze? by Ken Close, A-Fib Support Volunteer

Recently Ken Close, a treasured colleague and A-Fib Support Volunteer, wrote me to present his thoughts on surgical approaches to curing A-Fib. (FYI: Ken had Dr. John Sirak’s Five-Box Thoracoscopic Maze Operation and is A-Fib free.) Ken and I have exchanged emails over the years and may disagree sometimes, but we are united in our desire to help A-Fib patients and to provide the best info available. We welcome Ken’s comments and point of view.

Read Ken Close’s editorial about our coverage of mini-maze surgeries->

Complementary & Natural Therapies

Complementary & Natural Therapies

DECEMBER 12, 2014
SECOND NEW CATEGORYFAQs: Complementary and Natural Therapies—9 New FAQs & Answers

Read our nine new questions and answers! We’ve started a second new FAQ category with non-traditional, complementary and integrated medicine questions and to corral all the natural, anecdotal experiences and naturopathic suggestions we receive from readers. We welcome your questions and invite you to share your experiences! Email questions and contributions.

Visit FAQs Complementary and Natural Therapies ->

FAQ Minerals & Supplements

Minerals & Supplements

DECEMBER 1, 2014
FAQs Mineral Deficiencies & Supplements‘ Goes Solo; Steve welcomes your questions about supplements

Our articles about minerals, supplements and promoting a “healthy heart” are some of our most visited pages, as well as our “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) section. With that in mind, we have spun off FAQs about Mineral Deficiencies & Supplements into its own category. It’s easier now to scan the questions and answers when looking for information related to use of supplements and the nutritional aspects of treating and curing Atrial Fibrillation. (You can also use the ‘Search’ box.) Try it out—we bet you’ll find something interesting to read. Steve welcomes your questions about supplements. Just send us an email.

Visit FAQs Minerals Deficiencies & Supplements ->

USA Best Book Awards Winner 2014 100 pix at 96 resNOVEMBER 20, 2014
2014 USA BEST BOOKS AWARD For ‘Beat Your A-Fib’

Our book, Beat Your A-Fib: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Cure, is a Winner in the USA Best Books Awards in the “Health: Medical Reference” category. (That makes eight awards!) Do you have your copy of Beat Your A-Fib? Buy the softcover book at, or the eBook from our book site,

A-Fib-Alerts- 20, 2014
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Magnesium for Atrial Fibrllation patientsNOVEMBER 15, 2014
SUPPLEMENTS: New Magnesium Supplement

Frances Koepnick wrote about the new magnesium product called ReMag Magnesium Solution. It was created by Dr. Carolyn Dean, author of The Magnesium Miracle. The label states it’s 100% absorbed at the cellular level (sounds good) with no laxative effects (even better). I can’t find any independent reviews on it. Anyone else tried it? Email me.

Magnesium for Atrial Fibrllation patientsNOVEMBER 15, 2014
SUPPLEMENTS: Magnesium Tablet 
Terminates His A-Fib Episodes

Mary Jo Hamlin writes that just one tablet of JigSaw Magnesium w/SRT reduces her husband John’s A-Fib episodes to nearly zero (normal dosage is 4/day). Over-the-counter magnesium gave him digestive problems. Jigsaw Magnesium also contains Vitamin C, B6, B12, Folic Acid, and Malic acid.  (The SRT stands for Sustained Release Technology; the label states it’s key to avoiding the dreaded diarrhea side-effect.)

But it’s pricey. By comparison, Doctors Best High Absorption Magnesium is 17 cents a day and Jigsaw Magnesium SRT is 75 cents a day. Lots of customer reviews at Anyone else have experience with it? If so, email me.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions 12, 2014

Do you know about your heart’s Ejection Fraction? I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately answering questions. To our “FAQ: Understanding A-Fib” category, I’ve posted answers to four new questions about the physiology of Atrial Fibrillation. I think you’ll find one or more of these topics interesting. Just click on the question to read my answer.

A-Fib and Flutter—I have both. Does one cause the other?
My surgeon wants to close off my LAA during my Mini-Maze surgery. Should I agree?
I’ve read about stem cells research to regenerate damaged heart tissue. Could this help A-Fib patients?”
What is the heart’s ejection fraction? As an A-Fib patient, is it important to know my EF?“

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Model CMS-50DL

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

NOVEMBER 11, 2014
RECOMMENDED: Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Many patients with A-Fib also suffer with undiagnosed Sleep Apnea. You can use the finger pulse oximeter to spot-check your blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate. If your readings consistently hover or fall below 90%, talk to your doctor. You may need a sleep study to determine if you have sleep apnea. We like the Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Model CMS-50DL.

Use our portal link to shop on and any purchase generates a small commission (at no extra cost to you) that helps keeps ad-free and independent.

Go to Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Model CMS-50DL on>

OCTOBER 23, 2014
A-Fib-Alerts-’s A-Fib Alerts: October 2014 Issue

The October issue of Steve’s A-Fib Alerts has been sent to email boxes around the globe. It’s quick to scan and easy to read with lots of A-Fib-related news items. Are you getting Steve’s A-Fib Alerts? If not, Sign up TODAY!  (As an extra incentive, you can get our book, ‘Beat Your A-Fib’ for up to 50% off. Visit A-Fib Alerts-Join for the book offer. It’s easy & fast to signup! And you can unsubscribe at any time. Subscribe NOW. Read the October issue now->.
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OCTOBER 23, 2014
NEW ARTICLE: Considering a Catheter Ablation? Know Complication Rates When Choosing Your Doctor 

You’d best learn who has the lowest/highest complication rates before scheduling your Pulmonary Veins Ablation/Isolation (PVI). Research by Dr. David Keane, St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin Ireland, reveals the biggest predictor of in-hospital complications was A-Fib ablation operator (doctors) who perform less than 25 PVIs per year.

A more surprising research finding: “more than 81% of…A-Fib ablation procedures in the US were performed by operators with an A-Fib volume of less than 25 per year.”  Read more –>

OCTOBER 23, 2014
EMERGING TECHNOLOGY: CyberKnife and Radiosurgery

A new ablation technology, radiosurgery, has been used in oncology on cancerous tumors, is minimally invasive, and can provides accurate placement of beam energy that is guided by imaging. This technology may have inherent advantages over catheter energy delivery, which relies on perfect tissue contact for placement of continuous lesions. Read more->

OResearch icon Master-wider border 75 pix tall at 96 resCTOBER 22, 2014
NEW RESEARCH DATA: A-Fib Catheter Ablations Ten-Year Success Rate is 87%

Great news for A-Fib and catheter ablation patients! The research results are in from a ten-year follow-up of Atrial Fibrillation patients receiving catheter ablations (PVAI). Doctors at the Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute in Austin, TX,  for paroxysmal A-Fib. After ten years 87% were still A-Fib free, though some needed two ablations….

Read more, go to my article ->

My Medical Record - border 125 pix at 96 resOCTOBER 20, 2014
NEW ARTICLE: Three Ways to Request Copies of Your Medical Records

Before meeting with any electrophysiologist or surgeon, you’ll want to send each a packet with your medical records, test results and any images/X-rays. (You should be collecting this information all along in a three-ring binder or file folder.) So, how do you gather copies of medical records you’re missing? (Includes a sample letter.)

Read my new article>

OCTOBER 19, 2014
MEDTRONIC EDUCATIONAL GRANT: to Build Database of EPs by Volume of PVIs

When considering a catheter ablation, you want a doctor/medical center with the lowest in-hospital complications rate. Why? See my article: Considering a Catheter Ablation? Know Complication Rates When Choosing Your Doctor.

In October 2014, received a “no strings attached” charitable grant from Medtronic to create a database from Medicare data, organized by US state, of EPs with their yearly volume of PVIs. We will publish this database on as a free service to our readers.

It will take me some time to make this happen as I am a “one man band”, but we will post by state as each is put online. CheckSteve’s Listsin a few months for our first posts. Want to help build the database? Email me!

OCTOBER 3, 2014
MedQuery Interviewing A-Fib Patients in New York October 7-8

MedQuery, a national medical research company (, is scheduling in-person interviews in New York City October 7-8. The objective of this study is to improve the treatment and understand the day-to-day impact A-Fib has made on the patient and the family. The interview will take approximately one hour. Interviewees will be paid $125.00 for their contribution to this research.

Contact Jonovan Strickland, (312) 241-1649, Email:

SEPTEMBERA-Fib-Alerts- 27, 2014
Steve’s A-Fib Alerts: August 2014 Issue is out!

Steve’s A-Fib Alerts: September 2014 Issue went out this morning. Readers in the US, Australia, Canada and Japan are already reading their issue. Are you? Not yet getting A-Fib Alerts?  Sign-up TODAY!  It’s in a quick, easy-to-scan format. No risk! You can unsubscribe at any time. Subscribe NOW.

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BAFS logoSEPTEMBER 26, 2014
2014 BAFS NEW REPORT: A-Fib Producing Spots Outside the PVs by Dr. Reddy

Dr. Vivek Reddy of Mount Sinai Hospital posed the question, ‘Why do PVIs fail?’ While the most common reason is a gap in an ablation lesion at the pulmonary veins (PV), there are also non-PV triggers that can cause recurrence of A-Fib after a catheter ablation.

Read Steve’s report about these non-PV triggers ->

Luther Tilghman, Jacksonville, FL

SEPTEMBER 25, 2014
NEW PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: 100 Mile/Week Bicyclist Develops Extreme Fatigue

Luther Tilghman, Jacksonville, FL, was a retired 64-year-old logging nearly 100 miles per week on his bicycle and lived a healthy lifestyle. He never thought he would suffer from heart problems.

Read more of his story->

New Article icon - red-heart-negative 75 sq at 96 resSEPTEMBER 25, 2014
NEW ARTICLE: Intense Exercise and Atrial Fibrillation: Lessons from Elite Athletes

A 2009 study stated, “Vigorous exercise increases the risk of atrial fibrillation.” But that is associated only with men under 50 years of age who jogged/ran over four miles a day 5-7 times a week. This is a level of running usually associated only with elite athletes.

Other types of vigorous exercise such as cycling, swimming or racquet sports were not associated with an increased risk of A-Fib.

Read Steve’s article with the A-Fib lessons everyday athletes can learn from highly skilled endurance athletes.

Go to article: Intense Exercise and Atrial Fibrillation->

FAQ logoSEPTEMBER 25, 2014
NEW FAQ: Possible Recurrence After Catheter Ablation from Non-PV locations? 

“I had a successful catheter ablation (PVI) and feel like I’m cured of A-Fib and feel great. But are there other areas of the heart besides the pulmonary veins with the propensity or potential to turn into A-Fib hot spots? That will eventually be ‘turned on’ and put me back into A-Fib?” Read Steve’s answer->

Research icon Master-wider border 75 pix tall at 96 resSEPTEMBER 24, 2014
NEW RESEARCH ARTICLE: Ablation Success Rate Much Better With Weight Control

Researchers in Australia found that obese patients who had a catheter ablation and then lost weight, had nearly a five-fold greater probability of staying A-Fib free. Two groups of obese patients had catheter ablations for A-Fib. The first group agreed to participate in an aggressive risk factor management program. Each group was monitored for two years. Read more results –>

FAQ logoSEPTEMBER 24, 2014
UPDATED FAQ: “Long-term use of warfarin was associated with osteoporotic fractures.”

We’ve updated the answer to Question 11 under Minerals/Drug Therapies/Cardioversion: “I am on Coumadin (warfarin) to thin my blood and prevent A-Fib blood clots. Do I now need to avoid foods with Vitamin K… . Read about the link with osteoporotic fractures ->

kathleen haxton - Personal A-Fib story

Kathleen Haxton

SEPTEMBER 11, 2014
NEW PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: “I did not want these a-fibs to control my life any longer”

Kathleen Haxton, Surprise, AZ, shares how she got some initial relief with the supplements Magnesium and Potassium, then she progressed through different meds that didn’t work for long or not at all. She wrote, “After my second visit to the emergency room…I knew I had to do something and do it quickly. Because I did not want these a-fibs to control my life any longer, and I wanted to be free of all meds and blood thinners.” She’s now A-Fib-free. Read how.

Read how Kathleen beat her A-Fib>

BAFS logoSEPTEMBER 11, 2014
2014 BAFS NEW REPORTS: Two New Presentation Summaries from the Boston AF Symposium

Steve has posted two presentation summaries (#14 & #15) from the 2014 Boston A-Fib Symposium:

♦  ‘Catheter Ablation as Recommended First Choice‘ by Dr. Hugh Calkins (Johns Hopkins)
♦  ‘New Era in Catheter Technology: Force Sensing Catheters’ by Dr. Moussa Mansour (Massachusetts General Hospital).

The first reflects a shift toward Catheter Ablation in the A-Fib management consensus report. The second report focuses on the breakthrough technology for catheter ablation procedures.

To Read Steve’s new reports-select #14 &15 from the BAFS reports menu->

SEPTEMBER 10, 2014
NEW RESEARCH FINDING: Live Longer―Have a Catheter Ablation

Medical breakthrough news! In a 10-year study that followed over 3,000 A-Fib patients who had a successful catheter ablation, researchers found a 60% reduction in the expected rate of cardiovascular mortality.

Read more of Steve’s article->

K flatAUGUST 23, 2014
WARFARIN PATIENTS: Diet can include Vitamin K and leafy green vegetables, but be consistent

Prolific A-Fib blogger, Dr John Mandrola (Dr. John M.), recently posted about misinformation surrounding warfarin patients and vitamin-K. He wrote:

“I am so utterly tired of correcting this mistake….Patients on warfarin can indeed eat green vegetables; they should just eat them consistently. I have vegetarians who do beautifully on warfarin. The problem comes when people vary the weekly dose of vegetables. Warfarin works by inhibiting vitamin K-dependent clotting factors. If one eats the same amount (dose) of vitamin K, the caregiver can easily adjust warfarin dose….This is not a nitpicky criticism; patients on warfarin have disease, and they should not be avoiding healthy plant-based foods.”

AA-Fib-Alerts- UGUST 22, 2014
Steve’s A-Fib Alerts: August 2014 Issue is out!

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FAQ logo AUGUST 20, 2014
NEW FAQ: Exercising While In Atrial Fibrillation (During an Episode)

“When I’m having A-Fib symptoms, should I go ahead and exercise as I would normally? Can I damage my heart if I exercise while having an A-Fib episode?”  Read Steve’s answer->

AUGUST 19, 2014
NEW EVIDENCE: Claim “Misguided” That Pradaxa Needs No Blood-Level Monitoring

According to Dr. Thomas J. Moore, senior scientist at the Institute for Safe Medical Practices, the claim that Pradaxa needs no blood-level monitoring is “misguided.” “It turns out the company has had data for several years, showing the amount of anticoagulation varied [from patient to patient] more than five-fold.” The same dose could produce an extremely high risk of bleeding in some patients, while others wouldn’t get a strong enough blood clotting effect. Read the article with my comments-> 

Left: New Medtronic Reveal LINQ ICM

Left: New Medtronic Reveal LINQ ICM

AUGUST 19, 2014
A-FIB SUPPORT VOLUNTEER: Marilyn gets Medtronic’s ‘Reveal LINQ ICM’ (Insertable Cardiac Monitoring System)

Marilyn Shook has updated her Personal Experience story written in 2008 after a successful ablation. Her doctor implanted the Medtronic Reveal LINQ ICM to help identify a weird intermittent irregular heartbeat she has been experiencing. Every time she went to a doctor, she would be in normal sinus rhythm (sound familiar?). Even a three week monitor only picked up PACs. Medtronic’s new Reveal LINQ ICM is about 1″ by 1/4″ by 4mm. It’s placed just under the skin of your chest in a simple outpatient procedure and is not visible in most patients. It automatically detects and records abnormal heart rhythm for up to 3 years. She promises to keep us informed about what the LINQ reveals. Good luck, Marilyn.  

Read Marilyn’s story->

AUGUST 18, 2014

According to research “long-term use of warfarin was associated with osteoporotic fractures.” To put a human face on this finding, in a letter to the editor, an Australian woman describes having been on warfarin for 16 years. “I have developed osteoporosis and now have three spinal fractures.” Even while on warfarin, she developed two Deep Vein Thromboses with pulmonary embolism, as well as congestive heart failure. Sources: Shallenberger, Frank. Real Cures, August 2014, Vol. 13, No. 8; Gage, BF et al. Risk of osteoporotic fracture in elderly patients taking warfarin: results from the national Registry of Atrial Fibrillation 2. Arch Intern Med. 2006 Jan 23;166(2):241-6.

AUGUST 17, 2014
NEW RESEARCH: How to improve by 34% your chances of living a long, healthy life

If someone told you there was a magic pill you could take which would improve by 34% your chances of living a long, healthy life, wouldn’t you check it out? It’s not a pill or medication. It’s Magnesium, important for anyone at risk for cardiovascular disease (including A-Fib patients). My new article is based on a recently published study from Spain.

Read Magnesium and Long Life: Insights for Atrial Fibrillation Patients->

The A-Fib Facts logo 150 pix wide at 96 resAUGUST 3. 2014

Just in time for September’s Atrial Fibrillation Awareness month, we launched our new info site, A-FibFacts.Info with all the basic information, statistics and reference citations journalists, bloggers, and show producers look for when prepping a topic. We hope to draw attention to as a source of unbiased, up-to-date A-Fib treatment information and research findings. Forward this link to your journalists friends: www.A-FibFacts.Info.

September is Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month Simple 225 pix wide by 96 res AUGUST 3. 2014
Suggested Topics for Journalists, bloggers, and show producers

Do you know a journalist or blogger? A TV or radio show producer? Or health care educator? To help the media write and talk about A-Fib Awareness Month, we’ve issued a press release with a list of suggested A-Fib topics to spark the interest of journalists, bloggers, TV and radio hosts and health care educators. Help Promote A-Fib Awareness by forwarding our ‘September is A-Fib Awareness Month press release‘.

Write a review of

Write a review of

JULY 29, 2014
WEBUTATION: Write a Review of at Webutation

Help spread our reputation! Let others know what you think about this website. Just go to and write a review of Use this link:

JULY 26, 2014
MAY WORSEN A-FIB: Do you or a loved one take Aricept or Fosamax?

An article in the August issue of Bottom Line Health reports that Atrial Fibrillation may worsen if also taking the prescription drug Aricept or Fosamax. Talk to your doctor(s) if you or a loved one is taking either of these drugs.

Aricept (donepezil) is used to treat symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease such as confusion or dementia (memory loss and mental changes);

Fosamax (alendronate) is used to treat or prevent postmenopausal osteoporosis and steroid-induced osteoporosis.

Source: Kadian-Dodov, Daniella. Bottom Line Health Magazine. Volume 28, Number 8, August 2014.

A-Fib Alerts May 2014 issue JULY 17, 2014
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Read the current issue of Steve’s A-Fib Alerts->

BAFS logoJULY 16 2014
2014 BAFS NEW REPORT: Catheter Ablation Complications—Everything You Didn’t Know to Ask!

What’s the biggest predictor of in-hospital complications for catheter ablation A-Fib patients? How do the complication risks from catheter ablation compare to complication risks from lifelong antiarrhythmic drug (AAD) therapy? Learn about every conceivable catheter ablation complication (some are extremely rare). Answers are gleaned from a meta-analysis of 63 RF ablation studies and 34 antiarrhythmic drug therapy studies, from analysis of Medicare data, from FDA ‘Adverse Events’ data, and from numerous decades-long studies.

Go to: Catheter Ablation Complications: A 2014 In-depth Review and Comparison with AAD Therapy->

JULY 10, 2014
NEW REPORT: New Safety Data on Anticoagulants (NOACs) from AdverseEvents, Inc.

Read our new report on the new anticoagulant (NOACs). Taken to reduce the risk of clots and stroke, find out the safety results from the analysis of the FDA Adverse Events database. Learn which NOAC has the best safety rating.

Read: Warfarin vs. Pradaxa and the Other New Anticoagulants->

JFAQ logoULY 9, 2014
FAQ Updated: Is Eliquis easier to deal with if bleeding occurs?

My last cardiologist had me on the anticoagulant Pradaxa. My new cardiologist wants me to switch to Eliquis. Is Eliquis easier to deal with if bleeding occurs?”  Read how Eliquis’ “RxScore” earned a safety score of 39.45 from AdverseEvents, Inc. (and what it means).

Read about Eliquis and the answer to FAQ Question 18->

Louis Therrien Personal Experience

Louis Therrien

JULY 4, 2014
NEW PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: Silent A-Fib, then Drug Side Effects. But Canadian Now 7-months A-Fib Free

Louis Therrien’s story starts in 2008 when his ‘Silent’ A-Fib was diagnosed during an annual check up. Read about being on Amiodarone and then Rythmol and how after three years being A-Fib-free, he needed a second ablation.

Read: Amiodarone Damages Thyroid—A-Fib Free After 2 Ablations->

JUNE 30, 2014
PE logo - Your photo here 2 100 pix wide by 96 resENCOURAGE OTHERS WITH A-FIB:  Share Your Personal Experience Story

Remember how it felt when you found and learned you were not alone? Did you find hope and encouragement by reading the personal experience stories? Why not share your insights? What helped and what didn’t (no matter what your A-Fib outcome was). Write an anecdote or chronicle your lessons learned. The format is up to you. Read how to submit your A-Fib story.- >

JA-Fib-Alerts-logoUNE 11, 2014
Steve’s A-Fib Alerts: June 2014 Issue is out!

Steve’s A-Fib Alerts: June 2014 Issue went out this morning. Readers in the US, Australia, Canada and Ukraine are already reading their issue. Are you? Not yet getting A-Fib Alerts?  Sign-up TODAY!  It’s in a quick, easy-to-scan format. No risk! You can unsubscribe at any time. Subscribe NOW.

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FAQ logoJUNE 10, 2014
NEW FAQ: About Catheter Ablation and Recurrence 

Ed Grossman wrote: “I’ve read studies from the French Bordeaux group that talk about A-Fib recurring after a catheter ablations, that A-Fib tends to come back. Can A-Fib be cured permanently by a catheter ablation? After a successful catheter ablation, what are my chances of A-Fib recurring?”  Read Steve’s answer —>

BAFS logo JUNE 9, 2014

•  Obesity Strong Predictor of A-Fib Risk and Recurrence: Learn about six obesity factors Influencing or responsible for A-Fib. By Dr. David Wilber of the Loyola University Medical Center, Chicago, IL. Go to–>

•  Upstream Therapy” Concept: Alternative Therapies for A-Fib? Most A-Fib research has been focused on meds or devices to stop or control A-Fib. But can we find ways to stop A-Fib from developing in the first place? By Dr. Eric Prystowsky of the Care Group in Indianapolis, IN;   Go to –>

  Renal Sympathetic Denervation (RSDN) for A-Fib?  In spite of the preliminary results of Symplicity HTN-3 trial, Renal Denervation is not dead in the water. Learn more from Dr. Vivek Reddy of Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY.  Go to –>

Find these reports and others at 2014 BAFS: Steve’s Reports Menu>

HON logo JUNE 6, 2014
A-FIB.COM & THE HON-CODE OF CONDUCT:  Quality and Trustworthiness of Medical and Health Online Information’s certification has been renewed by the HON Foundation. The Health On the Net (HON) certificate serves as a guarantee that our website complies with and pledges to honor the 8 principles of the HON Code of Conduct designed to protect citizens from misleading health information on the internet. The HON Foundation is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. has been HON-certified since we first applied in 2009.

Circulation - AMA journal cover JUNE 4, 2014
NEW STUDY RESULTS: Hospitalizations Due to Atrial Fibrillation Up Sharply since 2000

A new study published this month in Circulation analyzed over 4 million hospitalization records from 2001 to 2010 and found that hospitalizations for atrial fibrillation rose 23% during that time. The study’s authors believe this rise in hospitalizations can be attributed to the aging population of the U.S., as well as rising cases of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea. The fastest rise was hospitalized AF patients with kidney failure. It quadrupled to 12.3% by 2010. The good news, the total number of AF patients dying in hospital each year declined 25% over the decade from 1.2% in 2000 to 0.9% in 2010.

Read the article at>

Read the published study in the AHA journal Circulation->

MAY 31, 2014
PRADAXA LITIGATION: Boehringer Ingelheim to pay $650 million Settlement to 4,000 injured by use of the drug Pradaxa.

Since Pradaxa was approved for use in 2010, more than 1,600 individuals have filed lawsuits in state and federal courts in the United States alleging they suffered bleeding events caused by the drug. Pradaxa is an anticoagulant agent that is prescribed to help lower the risk of stroke among atrial fibrillation patients.

Read the article in the ‘San Antonio Business Journal‘->

Healthline Top Blogs of 2014 - LOGO 100 pix by 96 resMAY 26, 2014

WOW! It’s been a long time coming and 13 years in the making. Today named to its list of the Best Atrial Fibrillation Blogs of 2014. Maggie Danhakl of wrote to us that, “ diligently selected each of the [13] blogs on the list…Thank you for providing this great resource.” And they gave us a nifty winner badge to display on our website. (You can see the listing and the full list at Steve Ryan has been helping A-Fib patients find their cure since 2002, and with no staff (except wife, Patti, of late), and at his own expense. This recognition helps us reach more Atrial Fibrillation patients with the message, “You don’t have to live a life on meds. A-Fib can be Cured!”

Steve with four award certificates 250 x 300 pix at 96 res cropped lighter MAY 26, 2014
FOUR BOOK AWARDS for ‘Beat Your A-Fib: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Cure’

This month we received word that Steve’s book, ‘Beat Your A-Fib’ had won an International Book Award in Health: Aging/50+.This is in addition to recent awards from the eLit Book Awards and the Eric Hoffer Book Awards. Each award gives us the opportunity to spread our message: “A-Fib can be Cure!” Read more about our five book awards at our Beat Your A-Fib press page.

A-Fib Alerts May 2014 issue

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MAY 20, 2014
Steve’s A-Fib Alerts: May 2014 Issue

The May issue of Steve’s A-Fib Alerts is going out to email boxes tomorrow morning. It’s quick to scan and easy to read with lots of A-Fib-related news items. Are you getting Steve’s A-Fib Alerts? If not, Sign up TODAY!  (As an extra incentive, you can get our book, ‘Beat Your A-Fib’ for up to 50% off. Visit A-Fib Alerts-Join for the book offer. It’s easy & fast to signup! And you can unsubscribe at any time. Subscribe NOW.

Steve in scribs with Dr. Peykar

MAY 20, 2014
NEW ARTICLE:  Visiting EP Labs as an Observer Instead of as a Patient

A few months ago I was privileged to visit with two of the best Electrophysiologists (EPs) in Florida, Dr. Robert Fishel of Florida Electrophysiology Associates in Atlantis, FL and Dr. Sidney Peykar of Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute in Port Charlotte, FL. I visited their EP labs and observed each doctor as he treated A-Fib patients with Pulmonary Vein Ablation/Isolation (PVI) and other procedures.

Read more and see me in scrubs!->

Kathy Reynolds

Kathy Reynolds

MAY 20, 2014
NEW PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: A-Fib Success with Naturopathic Assistance—Over 10 Months A-Fib Free!

“Dizziness, fatigue, headaches, slowness of mind and body, inability to concentrate and think properly. What is going on?” Kathy’s story begins like many others with A-Fib. But her tenacity in seeking a ‘natural’ cure may inspire many others to follow her path to a life free of A-Fib.

Read: A-Fib Success with Naturopathic Assistance—Over 10 Months A-Fib Free!->

MAY 18, 2014
ONLINE RESOURCE: Report of “Comparison of Handheld, DIY ECH/EKG Recorders”

Three of the DIY heart rate monitors we discuss in our own article, Consumer (DIY) Heart Rate Monitors are included in an extremely detailed and extensive online report Comparison of handheld, 1-lead/channel ECG / EKG recordersby James W. Grier, Emeritus Professor of Biological Sciences, North Dakota State University (last updated March 19, 2014).

He tests and compares eleven units, includes multiple photos of each step of testing and multiple print outs of the results. It’s the most thorough report on the topic you will find anywhere.

Go to Jim Grier’s report, “Comparison of handheld, 1-lead/channel ECG / EKG recorders

Go to’s article: Consumer (DIY) Heart Rate Monitors->

MAY 17, 2014
NEW ARTICLE: Anticoagulant Therapy after Successful A-Fib Catheter Ablation: Is it Right for Me? I recently received an email from a 66-year-old very active female who had a successful catheter ablation and is now A-Fib free. Her doctor wants her to remain on anticoagulations for the rest of her life. But she wants off the meds. If you are in a similar situation, and worry about the risk of stroke, read what I wrote her.

 Read: Anticoagulants after Successful Catheter Ablation: Is it Right for Me?->

FAQ logoMAY 16, 2014
NEW FAQ: For the Newly Diagnosed Patient: “I have a lot of stress at work. Did this stress cause or trigger my A-Fib?” 

There’s always going to be some stress in life. Some studies indicate that a little stress can be good for you. For example, rats under stress for three hours released fibroblast growth factor 2 (FGF2) which triggers the development of new nerve cells in the part of the brain needed for memory. Though obviously too much stress can be harmful… .

 Read the full answer, see the Question #10 ->

MAY 15, 2014
NEW ARTICLE: The New CHA2DS2-VASc Guidelines and the Risks of Life-Long Anticoagulation Therapy

A-Fib-free after catheter ablation, a patient on anticoagulation therapy for 10 years develops cerebral microbleeds and associated early dementia. Is the long-term anticoagulation therapy the cause? Should you be on anticoagulation therapy?

 Read: The New CHA2DS2-VASc Guidelines and the Risks of Life-Long Anticoagulation Therapy->

May 15, 2014
UPDATED ARTICLE: Women in A-Fib Not at Greater Risk of Stroke!

Steve has included comments by Dr. John Day, in a May 2014 editorial in The Journal of Innovations in Cardiac Rhythm Management, who discusses the new CHA2DS2-VASc guidelines for anticoagulation therapy that call for many more people to be on anticoagulant therapy, particularly women.

Read: Women in A-Fib Not at Greater Risk of Stroke!-> 

BAFS logoMAY 14, 2014
NEW! 2014 BAFS REPORT #9: ECGI vs. FIRM Mapping Comparison

Dr. Cuculich discussed advances in and Limitations of Noninvasive Mapping of A-Fib and compared ECGI data to recent invasive epicardial (inside-the-heart) mapping and body surface mapping (called “Phase Lock”).

Read: ECGI vs. FIRM Mapping Comparision->

Efic Hoffer Book Awards First Horizon AwardAPRIL 23, 2014
AWARD WINNING MONTH for Steve Ryan Helps Spread the Word ‘A-Fib Can Be Cured!’

April started with Steve appearing with his book on LA Talk Live, ‘Here’s to Your Health’ hosted by Josh Lane and on the ‘Skip E. Lowe Looks at Hollywood’ with host Skip E. Lowe. (Watch the videos on our press page.) eLit Awards WinnersMid-April brought news that we’d won two awards for our book, Beat Your A-Fib: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Cure.

First, The Eric Hoffer Awards recognized Steve with a ‘First Horizon Award’ for debut authors. (We’re also on their short list for the Eric Hoffer Grand Prize.) Then, we learned we won Gold in the Health/Medicine/Nutrition category of the eLit Awards recognizing excellence in independent digital publishing. Media appearances and awards help us spread the word that A-Fib can be Cured!

A-Fib-Alerts-logo APRIL 16, 2014
Steve’s A-Fib Alerts: April 2014 Issue

The April issue of Steve’s A-Fib Alerts went out this morning. Readers in the US, UK, Canada, Brazil, Greece, Japan and Australia are already reading their issue. Are you? Not yet getting A-Fib Alerts? Signup TODAY!   It’s easy & fast! And you can unsubscribe at any time. Subscribe NOW.

Read the current issue of Steve’s A-Fib Alerts->

APRIL 12, 2014

We’ve added new content to the ‘Finding the Right Doctor’ page. We give you specific tips for setting up consultation appointments with your ‘short list’ of EPs. Then we added a list of questions to help you write Your Personal A-Fib Medical Summary, very useful to send ahead to a new doctor you are consulting. We also answer some questions you may have about obtaining copies of your medical records. Go to: Finding the Right Doctor for You and Your A-Fib-> See our “Freebies” download page for a sample letter for requesting copies of your medical records from your doctor, medical center or surgeon. Use it as a guide to write your own letter.

Go to Freebies Download page ->

BAFS logoMARCH 25, 2014
NEW! 2014 BAFS REPORTS 7 & 8 From the LIRYC Institute in Bordeaux, France

I’ve completed two more summaries from the Boston A-Fib Symposium, both by the French doctors who cured me of my A-Fib back in 1998 (I was their first US patient): How ECGI (Non-Invasive Electrocardiographic Imaging) Works by Dr. Michel Haissaguerre; and Bordeaux Approach to Ablation of Persistent A-Fib—ECGI & Circular Catheter by Dr. Pierre Jais. Read about how ECGI works and how the ECGI map is a better, more accurate, more complete map than an EP can produce by using a conventional mapping catheter inside the heart.

To read the reports, select from the BAFS In-depth Report menu->

BAFS logoMARCH 24, 2014
NEW! 2014 BAFS REPORT 6: Cellular Remodeling and Mapping of A-Fib

Dr. Narayan identified four different types of non-localized sustaining mechanisms (CAFEs) and the role of PACs (Premature Atrial Contractions) in A-Fib remodeling (‘Substrate’, CFAEs).

Read the report: Cellular Remodeling and Mapping of A-Fib->

BAFS logoMARCH 22, 2014
NEW! 2014 BAFS REPORT 5: Fibrotic Atrial Cardiomyopathy (FACM)—Implications for Catheter Ablation of AF

Dr. Hans Kottkamp from Zurich, Switzerland, discussed his concept that Lone A-Fib may come from Cardiomyopathy (measurable deterioration of the function of the heart muscle), and that “Lone” A-Fib isn’t really lone or idiopathic but may come from a form of Cardiomyopathy. It may explain why some paroxysmal A-Fib patients have extensive fibrosis, while others don’t. Read more about this third type of substrate… .

Read the report ‘Fibrotic Atrial Cardiomyopathy (FACM)’->

HeartCheck Pen

HeartCheck Pen

MARCH 21, 2014
ARTICLE UPDATED: Includes the HeartCheck™ PEN handheld ECG device from CardioComm Solutions

Our article, Consumer (DIY) Heart Rate Monitors’ has been updated to include the HeartCheck™ PEN handheld ECG device from CardioComm Solutions, The HeartCheck™ PEN handheld ECG device cleared by the FDA for consumer use. No prescripton required.

Read the updated article, ‘Consumer (DIY) Heart Rate Monitors’->

FAQ logoMARCH 17, 2014
NEW FAQ About the drug Tikosyn for Persistent A-Fib

“My doctor told me about the Tikosyn drug option that I want to consider in getting rid of my 5-month-old persistent A-Fib. That seems like something that should be discussed on your web site.” (Thanks to Sam Matier for this question.) Tikosyn is a class III antiarrhythmic agent…

Read the answer at FAQ: Treatment Options/Drug Therapies, Question 19->

BAFS logoMARCH 16, 2014
NEW! 2014 BAFS REPORT 4: High Fibrosis/Lessons Learned from the DECAAF Trial

Dr. Nassir Marrouche discussed the DECAAF trial results and association of atrial tissue fibrosis to the success rate of atrial fibrillation catheter ablation. Builds on his presentation at the 2011 BAFS: MRI Applied to A-Fib.

Read the report on Fibrosis/Lessons Learned from the DECAAF Trial->

Dr Robet Fishel Ejection Fraction Defined

Ejection Fraction Defined

MARCH 16, 2014
VIDEO: Your Heart’s Ejection Fraction (EF): What You Need to Know

New video added: In several short video clips, Dr. Robert Fishel talks about who should know ther EF, defines Ejection Fraction and what is considered an abnormal or low EF levels.

See the video about Ejection Fraction (EF)->

A-Fib Alerts March 2014 issueMARCH 14, 2014
Steve’s A-Fib Alerts: March 2014 Issue

From Australia, to the UK, from Spain to Japan, from India to Columbia—it’s on its way to inboxes around the world, Steve’s A-Fib Alerts: March 2014 (click to read it online). We deliver your A-Fib news in an easy-to-scan format. BTW: Do you know someone with A-Fib? Why not forward your copy and tell them about Steve’s A-Fib Alerts? They can sign up at, It’s easy and fast. And there’s No Risk! Unsubscribe at any time. Share your issue TODAY!

Saul Lisauskas

Saul Lisauskas

MARCH 14, 2014
NEW PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: Saul Was Hell-bent to Avoid an Ablation

Saul Lisauskas was hell-bent to avoid an ablation so he searched for alternatives including various drug therapies and a major change in his diet;

Read Saul’s story-> No Way Am I Having an Ablation! But Diet and Meds Disappoint— A-Fib Free After Ablation

Sandy from Boston

Sandy from Boston

MARCH 14, 2014
NEW PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: With No Health Insurance, Sandy Made Do Until…

Sandy from Boston was in A-Fib for 12 years, but with no health insurance she endured as best she could. Then she developed syncope (fainting) and writes: “Once, I passed out while pumping gas and hit my head on a concrete barrier next to the gas pump.”

Read Sandy’s story-> 12 Years in A-Fib: Evolves to Fainting and Dangerous Falls But No Health Insurance—Finally Catheter Ablation by Dr. Roy John

BAFS logoMARCH 13, 2014

Steve has written two new reports summarizing presentations by Dr. Jose Jalife at the recent Boston AFib Symposium. The first looks at the year-long experiments inducing A-Fib in sheep by pacing their hearts. Dr. Jalife is trying to discover the mechanisms underlying the transition from paroxysmal to persistent A-Fib. The second report looks at the experiments Dr. Jalife performed after he asked the question “What if I treat my sheep with a drug that prevents fibrosis? Would I be able to effectively prevent, or at least delay the transition to persistent A-Fib?”

Read-> Experiments in Atrial Remodeling in Sheep and the Transition From Paroxysmal to Persistent A-Fib Read-> The Holy Grail: Preventing A-Fib by a GAl-3 Inhibitor

A-Fib Alerts February 2014 issue

February 2014 issue

FEBRUARY 27, 2014
New! Steve’s A-Fib Alerts: Feb 2014 Issue.

Read about the ‘Hybrid Surgery/Ablation’ (and Convergent) procedures and more, all in an easy-to-scan format.  Did you miss my latest A-Fib Alerts email?  Want my A-Fib Alerts sent directly to you? Click to Subscribe.

FEBRUARY 25, 2014
RESOURCES & LINKS: Discussion Group List Updated

We updated a broken link to the Atrial Fibrillation Association UK discussion Forum ( and removed an inactive discussion board. If you have a favorite online discussion group that’s not on our list, drop us an email.

FEBRUARY 25, 2014
PARTICIPATE: We Need Guest Writers, How about You?

Like to read and write about what you’ve learned? Read an interesting research study and want to share with our readers? Or have a passion for a specific A-Fib-related topic or issue you’d like to report about? (As an example, see a report written by Lynn Haye.) If you have questions about writing for, or topic ideas, send Steve an email.

FEBRUARY 24, 2014
UPDATED Treatment page: Hybrid Surgery/Ablation Procedure

Inspired by the Boston A-Fib Symposium satellite event of a Live Hybrid Surgery/Ablation from The Netherlands, we researched this relatively new treatment option for those with persistent and long-standing persistent A-Fib then updated our Treatment/Maze & Mini-Maze page. We describe the ‘Hybrid’ and the access techniques and the risks and benefits. Citations with links are included for those who want to read some of the research. (We’ve also updated  the Treatment/Catheter Ablation page with a link to the new content.)

Read about the Hybrid Surgery/Ablation (and Convergent) Procedures–>

FEBRUARY 24, 2014
NEW ‘STEVE’S LIST’: US Centers performing the Hybrid Surgery/Ablation Procedure

Along with the addition of new information about the Treatment option, ‘Hybrid Surgery/Ablation’, we researched US medical centers offering this relatively new treatment option for those with persistent and long-standing persistent A-Fib. Find our new Directory list under “Steve’s Lists: Doctors by Specialty“. Vist the list: US Centers performing the Hybrid Surgery/Ablation Procedure’–>

FEBRUARY 17, 2014
NEW! FEATURE: Videos and Animations

TV icon with A-Fib 100 x 96 no borderWe’ve been busy combing the internet for short, informative videos. We found over a dozen, so we’ve added a new category to our Resources & Links page: ‘Instructional Online Videos and Animations’. This collection of links is for the reader who learns through multimedia (motion graphics, audio, and personal interviews). Videos are loosely organized into three levels: introductory/basic, intermediate and in-depth/advanced. Do you have a favorite A-Fib-related video you want to share? Email us and tell us about it. See Instructional Online Videos and Animations–>

FEBRUARY 17, 2014
2013 A-FIB NEWS POSTS: ‘Retire’ to Archives page

In order to keep the load time for this page as short as possible, we ‘retire’ the previous year’s A-Fib News posts to the Archives: A-Fib News page. All previous years are listed for your research or browsing. See: Archives: News 2013–>

FEBRUARY 6, 2014
NEW! ‘ARTICLE INDEX BY TOPIC’ CATEGORY: ‘Dealing with Atrial Fibrillation’

Did you know you can browse all the article titles posted on the website in one place? When you go to our Article Index by Topics’ (on the left ‘Topic’ menu), you’ll see six broad categories. Our newest category is a general one called “Dealing with Atrial Fibrillation”. Visit our Article Index by Topic page–>.

2013 IN REVIEW: Highlights and Achievements

by Steve S. Ryan, PhD. When I think about the field of atrial fibrillation in 2013, several thoughts come to mind. There were technical advancements, some new drug therapies, and additions to our understanding of Atrial Fibrillation (and a few accomplishment for our website). Read my “2013 in Review” article–>

A-FibAlerts logo.

January 2014 Issue

JANUARY 29, 2014
A-FIB ALERTS: January 2014 Issue

See me in scrubs in the EP lab! Did you miss my latest A-Fib Alerts email?  Go to A-Fib Alerts – Join and click on the ‘See recent issue’. Want my A-Fib Alerts sent directly to you? Click to Subscribe.

JANUARY 28, 2014
WOMENHEART.ORG Website Asserts That A-Fib “Isn’t Curable”

National Coalition of Women with Heart Disease logo

National Coalition of Women with Heart Disease

We recently visited the web site ‘WomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease’  ( and took their quiz “Are you an Afib Expert?” To the question “Is A-Fib curable?” The quiz answer states,  “Unfortunately, Afib is not curable, however medication and/or surgical procedures can significantly improve your quality of life.”

This is so wrong! And it’s a major disservice to people with A-Fib who need to know they have other options than living the rest of their lives on A-Fib drugs.  Read more, including our email response->

AHA A-Fib pre-visit worksheet

Pre-visit worksheet

JANUARY 27, 2014
 Pre-visit Appointment Worksheet

AHA Worksheet: “A-Fib: Partnering in Your Treatment” helps you organize your questions before visiting your cardiologist after initial diagnosis. (Related: see our Free ‘Questions for Doctors Worksheet’ on the same FREEBIES page.)  Go to our FREE DOWNLOADS – FREEBIES page–>

BAFS logoJANUARY 25, 2014
TWO NEW ARTICLES: 2014 Boston A-Fib Symposium OVERVIEW & Live Via Satellite: 7 Ablation Cases

We posted Steve’s first two articles in his series of reports from the 19th Annual Boston AFib Symposium (BAFS) held January 9-11, 2014 in Orlando FL. You should start with the Overview. His next article is: “Live via Satellite: Seven Ablation Cases”. Over the span of 5 1/2 hours, the symposium attendees observed and discussed live ablations performed in Frankfort, Bordeaux, The Netherlands, Milan, Siberia and the US.

Read the article: Overview of the 2014 BAFS-> Read the article: Live via Satellite—Seven Albation Cases from the 2014 BAFS->

BAFS logoJANUARY 25, 2014
 What is the ‘Boston Atrial Fibrillation Symposium’ and Why its Important to Patients?

Steve puts great value on attending the annual Boston AFib Symposium. Why is it important? What does it means for readers? And to A-Fib patients seeking their cure? This short article explains the significance of this medical industry event. Read: What is the ‘Boston Atrial Fibrillation Symposium’ and Why its Important to Patients-> FAQ logo J

ANUARY 24, 2014
New Question Answered in FAQ/Coping with Your Atrial Fibrillation:

“I hate to admit it, but I live in fear of my A-Fib. I never know when I’m going to get an A-Fib attack or how long it will last. How do people deal with this constantly lurking fear?” See Quesiton #28/Coping with Your Atrial Fibrillation->

Medic Alert Bracelet by Emerg Alert

Medic Alert Bracelet by Emerg Alert

JANUARY 22, 2014
NEW ARTICLE: Your Portable Medical Information Kit

by Patti J. Ryan It’s a great help to emergency personnel if you carry one or more forms of emergency medical information, what Dr. Todd Cohen calls a ”portable medical information kit”. Read our list of what to include, then learn the various low tech and high-tech ways to keep your info with you for when its needed.

Read the article, “Your Portable Medical Information Kit”->

Dr Andrea Natale

Dr Andrea Natale

JANUARY 21, 2014
Dr. Andrea Natale, Executive Director of the new Al-Sabah Arrhythmia Institute, St. Luke’s in Manhattan

[I’m tardy in posting this notice] Last May it was announced: Dr. Andrea Natale has been appointed the Executive Director of the new Al-Sabah Arrhythmia Institute at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital on Manhattan’s West Side (Morningside Heights). Funded by His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jabar Al-Sabah, the amir of Kuwait, the 21,000 square foot Institute will have the capacity to serve more than 3,000 patients annually. The Institute features:

  • A clinical outpatient center
  • Three electrophysiology laboratories
  • A research laboratory
  • An education center for training advanced fellows, electrophysiologists and other medical professionals
  • Stereotaxis Robotic Navigation

“The Institute’s clinical team is dedicated to providing curative therapy for virtually all cardiac arrhythmias… .” [I like that term “curative” therapy! A-Fib is curable. You don’t have to live a life on meds!] Dr. Natale is internationally known for his pioneering work in ablation therapy for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias; he pioneered the ultrasound guided pulmonary vein isolation procedure to correct atrial fibrillation; performed the first such procedures in the world. He has authored milestone papers in peer-reviewed publications on many of his scientific cutting-edge efforts.

Read more about the Institute on their webiste->

Yuki, Julia Fridrich's dog and early warning system JANUARY 18, 2014Personal Experiences logo
NEW PERSONAL EXPERIENCEJulia Fridrich and her dog, Yuki’s A-Fib story.

Jula Fridrich has a ‘home remedy’ for her A-Fib attacks. Read a wonderful, heart warming example of how a dog can indeed be a man’s/woman’s best friend.

Read more about Julia and Yuki’s personal experience ->

Blaufuss AF animation and ECG graphicJANUARY 18, 2014
RESOURCES & LINKS ADDITION: Fascinating depiction of the heart in action at

We’ve added a new animation to our ‘Resources and Links’ section: a detailed animation of the heart’s electrical system showing not only in its normal mode, but in both A-Fib and Flutter modes as well. Go to Click on “SVT Tutorial”, the third choice in the table of contents. This excellent animation identifies the various heart components, shows sequence of functions in sync with ECG patterns, etc. Both A-Fib and Flutter are examined along with several other heart conditions. [Thanks to Tom Burt for this find.]

Tom Burt - Personal Experience story

Tom Burt

Personal Experiences logoJANUARY 18, 2014
NEW PERSONAL EXPERIENCE80-Year-Old Athlete: Cardioversion, Flecainide Side Effects, Then Multaq; A-Fib-Free after Ablation by Dr. Alexander Dtril

Tom Burt describes why his first choices of A-Fib treatment were cardioversion, and then meds. Learn how his treatment choices progressed and how he is now A-Fib-free.

Read more about Tom Burt’s personal experience ->

Jon Darsee tells how he has dealt with his Atrial Fibrillation

Jon Darsee

JANUARY 17, 2014Personal Experiences logo
NEW PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: Living with A-Fib for Twenty Years! Former Pro Basketball Player Sells A-Fib Monitoring Devices & Develops A-Fib; ‘Stress and the Heart-Brain’ Connection.

While Jon Darsee’s A-Fibs seem to be under control with the antiarrhythmic drugs for now, he writes, “I treated A-Fib like it was a character flaw…My ego could not take the thought of me being a patient. I began to approach A-Fib like it was ‘an unwanted cousin’. You know, the cousin who shows up unexpectedly and stays too long and whose behavior annoys you to no end.”

Read more about Jon Darcee’s personal experience ->

Jon Greenspan tell about his Atrial Fibrillation

Jon Greenspan

Personal Experiences logoJANUARY 16, 2014
NEW PERSONAL EXPERIENCE “Wait and See” Approach to Atrial Fibrillation is NOT for Me; New Force Sensing Catheter Ablation by Dr. Vivek Reddy

Jon Greenspan is a textbook case of how A-Fib is a progressive disease that gets worse over time. He discusses why it certainly wasn’t “premature” of him to have an ablation in order to be freed from the anxiety, fear and depression which A-Fib generates.

Read more about Jon Greenspan’s personal experience ->

BAFS logoJANUARY 9-11, 2014
Steve Attends 2014 Boston A-Fib Symposium

Steve is in Orlando, FL attending the premier annual meeting of cardiologist, researchers and scientists. Dozens of presentations will cover new findings and emerging treatments of Atrial Fibrillation. Look for his summaries of major presentations, panel discussions and live video programs.

For 2013 posts see: Archives: News 2013


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